meet the team




Tim began his career in the kitchen at St. John with renowned chef Fergus Henderson. He opened A Cena in Twickenham in 2001 with his wife Camilla, who ran the Blue Print Café, La Reserve and Café Emporio Armani. In 2009, they opened A Cena food stores, which comprises three shops: A Cena on the hill Deli, Richmond Hill Butchers and Richmond Hill Bakery.



Having graduated from Westminster Catering College in the early nineties, one of Lawrence’s first jobs was at Café Rouge, where he helped Karen Jones and Roger Myers open five of their first seven units. After working as maitre d’ at The Ivy under famed restaurateurs Jeremy King and Chris Corbin, he opened Brula in St. Margarets, Twickenham in 1998 to wide critical acclaim.




Armed with a degree in Hospitality Management from London Metropolitan University Deborah has held most of the jobs a restaurant requires: from kitchen porter to gastropub landlady.

Along the way, she helped open early branches of Livebait and The Real Greek. All this simply served as preparation for the labour of love that is Joe Allen, where she is Restaurant Manager.

A people pleaser at heart Deborah finds the ultimate job satisfaction is a busy, buzzy shift featuring happy customers and contented staff.



Stewart originally trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art. He eventually fell into the hospitality industry with which he found a natural affinity.

After stints in various restaurants around the Notting Hill area, he transferred to the West End at The Atlantic Bar and Grill.

Finally, he found his natural home at Joe Allen  where he has been a waiter, a bartender, then onto Head Waiter before taking on his current role as Restaurant Manager.