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Tim Healy

Starting his hospitality journey in the Kitchens at St John's restaurant. Tim has become one of London's most celebrated restauranteurs. Opening A Cena with his renowned chef wife Camilla in 2001, Tim hasn't slowed down. Tim and Paul Cummings founded A Cena on the Hill Deli, Richmond Hill Butchers & the Richmond Bakery; he purchased Joe Allen's and Orso with his business partner Lawrence Hartley in 2011. Tim has a long-standing relationship with Joe's and the theatre, frequenting the restaurant since he was a child with his father - infamous stage and film star David Healy. His passion and love for New York, food, theatre and restaurants is huge. Tim has genuinely been the beating heart of keeping Joe's alive through thick and thin.

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Tommy Bretherton

Hailing from Lancashire, General Manager Tommy's hospitality career started in gastro pubs and restaurants before moving to London to join The Ivy West Street team. A natural team leader, it wasn't long before Tommy moved up the ranks and found himself working at 34 Mayfair and German Gymnasium. 

When Joe Allen came calling, it felt like a natural fit for Tommy. He says, "I love the tempo of Joe's - the tongue-in-cheek vibe, casual dining experience and customer focus! Joe's is about fun; I don't feel like I'm working. I feel like I'm part of the ensemble cast who love to create a great show day and night!"


Deborah Fellows

Armed with a degree in Hospitality Management from London Metropolitan University Deborah has held most of the jobs a restaurant requires: from kitchen porter to gastropub landlady.

Along the way, she helped open early branches of Livebait and The Real Greek. All this simply served as preparation for the labour of love that is Joe Allen, where she is Assistant General Manager.

A people pleaser at heart Deborah finds the ultimate job satisfaction is a busy, buzzy shift featuring happy customers and contented staff.

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