The Paul Cottingham Trust

Joe Allen is proud to support the Paul Cottingham Trust. The late Paul Cottingham and his husband Lord Michael Cashman, CBE frequently dined at our very tables. Michael has kindly shared the below:


“The fight back for equality really gathered momentum in 1988, following the introduction of the first anti-LGB law in 100 years by the Conservative government of Mrs Thatcher. The campaign against it featured prominent members of the creative industries.


We would regularly plot late into the night at the tables of Joe Allens. Indeed, it was here at these tables that we decided with Paul, Ian McKellen, Martin Sherman, and Sean Mathias, that we would launch a star studded fundraising benefit of Martin Sherman’s powerful play, Bent to launch the equal rights organisation, Stonewall.


If these tables could talk, they would tell the tales of women and men coming together to make the UK and the world, a better, fairer, more inclusive place. That’s what Paul’s Trust will continue, because we are not equal until we are all equal.”



And that is why Joe Allen is proud to support the Paul Cottingham Trust. A £1 voluntary donation has been added to your bill and to find out more about the amazing projects the trust supports, please have a read below.




The Paul Cottingham Trust was established in 2015 following the untimely death of Paul in October 2014 from a rare cancer, angiosarcoma. As a small charity our aim is to achieve the maximum impact when awarding grants. Our determination is to support those working towards a better, fairer, equal world, where difference and diversity can be celebrated, especially as we are witnessing greater intolerance, repression, and hardship here and across the world.


Below are a few of the organisations and projects we have supported.


Albert Kennedy Trust - young LGBTQI people make up 25% of homeless teenagers. We felt it essential to reach out and support AKT both during and after the pandemic.

Amnesty International - LGBTQI rights are increasingly under attack. In Poland we proactively supported Amnesty Poland to equip a new generation of campaigners to stand up for LGBTQ+ people in Poland and elsewhere.

Sexual Minorities of UGANDA  (SMUG) are at the forefront of the defence of LGBTQI people in Uganda where they face the harshest anti LGBTQI legislation and repression in Africa with, amongst other inhumane criminalisations, the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality. 

Crisis UK work across the UK to help homeless people with accommodation, advice and long-term support.

Oesophageal Patients Association - provides assistance to people that have experienced oesophageal or gastric cancers or other related condtions.

Oesophageal cancer is the 7th most common cause of cancer death in the UK.

Safety Curtain - Provides support to performers at risk in dangerous places. This year we provided support to help LGBTQI performers around the world.

SPEAK Suicide Prevention - a charity staffed by volunteers who are also suicide survivors. We supported their new service for LGBTQI people who need someone to speak to and who will listen to them.

Sussex Beacon - based in Brighton, is rated by the CQC for its 'Outstanding care'. This inclusive frontline 1O bed hospice cares for patients across East and West Sussex living with HIV as well as other secondary underlying conditions. They provide support for patients and their families ranging from Health Management services through to their inpatient unit which delivers end of life care when needed.

56 Dean Street's Generation Zero Campaign - While HIV rates are falling, we haven't seen reductions in those aged below 25 years old, with a small rise in new diagnoses amongst 18-21 years old. This campaign is focused on this age group and aims to educate, inform and make it easier for those under 25 to test and receive emergency PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis).

Sarcoma UK with a three-year commitment to their services, supporting and advising individuals and their families affected by these rare cancers.

Action Breaks Silence undertake their important work in India and South Africa in helping to eradicate gender-based violence and creating a world where women and girls can live their lives free from fear.

The Civil Liberties Trust has been given an award towards Liberty’s work to end the unfair and indefinite detention of migrants in the UK recognising that the UK should be a fairer and more just place for everyone.

East London Out Project (ELOP) with their LGBT Asylum seeker project addressing the gaps in provision of support and information for those fleeing persecution in their home countries. The project mainly supports those who are both economically and socially disadvantaged, often facing social isolation as well as psychological distress.

Micro Rainbow who offer help and accommodation throughout the year in their hostels in the UK to LGBTQI refugees and ayslum seekers.

Neighbours in Poplar’s (London) outreach work with refugees in Calais.

White Helmets and Disaster Emergencies Committee cruciawork following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, and the subsequent migratory flows.

Just Like Us, our second annual grant to provide training, resources and ongoing support to teachers and school students, challenging  and facing LGBTQI stigma and discrimination.

Mermaids Trust, who are crucial to the lives of young trans people and their families.

Barnardo’s crucial work with LGBTQI young people in the Whitley Bay area, providing a safe space enabling young people to gain help and support, leading to improved self-esteem, healthier lifestyles and relationships, emotional well-being, identity, and sense of self.

Rainbow Mind’s inclusive mental health support project for LGBTQI people reached over 400 LGBTQI people through therapy, psychoeducational connect sessions, radical self-care courses and workshops.

Paul Cottingham Scholarship is now established at the University of Brighton. The Masters scholarship has been developed to help promote gender diversity in higher education and society, and to contribute to Social Research related to trans experiences, rights and to challenge institutional negativity in wider debates about gender

SPLASH (an East London Charity) which we partially funded to send six young east London young men with their supervisors to dig, install and provide fresh water wells for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.



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